C. V.

Personal data
Name MACHIDE, Tomoya
Sex Male
Nationality Japanese

2008/3 Doctor of Philosophy (Hokkaido University)

Educational background
1998/4 -- 2002/3 Bachelor course of Department of Mathematics, School of Education, Waseda University
2003/4 -- 2005/3 Master course of Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University
2005/4 -- 2008/3 Doctor course of Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University

Work experience
(without a time limit)
2009/4 -- 2011/3 Technological Development Department, Advanced Soft Engineering INC.
(with a time limit)
2011/4 -- 2012/3 Postdoctoral fellow, Research Center for Quantum Computing, Kinki University
2012/5 -- 2012/7 Part-time teacher, Fuse-Kita high school
2012/9 -- 2013/3 Part-time teacher, Ikeda-Kita high school
2013/4 -- 2013/9 Part-time teacher, [College of Industrial Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka Sangyo University]
2013/9 -- Postdoctoral fellow, Global Research Center for Big Data Mathematics, National Institute of Informatics

2005/3 High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (Mathematics)
2009/5 Fundamental Information Technology Engineer's Certificate
2010/6 Applied Information Technology Engineer's Certificate